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Matteo Ferroni received the PhD degree in Physics at the University of Ferrara in 1998, became researcher at the University of Brescia in 2004 and associate professor in 2017.

He collaborates with the Bologna Section of Institute for Microelectronics and Microsystems of the CNR: www.bo.imm.cnr

Matteo Ferroni published about 100 papers on peer-reviewed journals and is referee of several international journals.

His research activity concerns the characterization of nanostructured materials by means of transmission and scanning electron microscopy,

being electron tomography in the SEM, and SEM-FIB  the recent research interests. 

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Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Architettura, Territorio, Ambiente e di Matematica DICATAM  dell'Università di Brescia

Via Valotti, 9, 25133 BRESCIA, ITALY

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